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Audiology and Hearing Aids

The Hearing and Balance Center of Port Huron’s professional and friendly audiologists serve the hearing needs of individuals in the Michigan communities St. Clair County, Sanilac County, Macomb County, Port Huron, Marysville, Sandusky, Blue Water Area, and Thumb Area. We offer a full hearing aid selection and a professional team to assist you in your hearing aid needs. Please call us anytime with questions about our services, and how we can help!

Comprehensive Audiology Testing

From a full range of diagnostic services including hearing testing, pressure testing, and balance testing, to rehabilitative services and hearing aids, the Hearing and Balance Center can help!

  • Hearing Testing

    Hearing testing determines the type and degree of hearing impairment.

  • Pressure Testing
    Pressure testing is immittence testing to assess the function of the middle ear and eardrum.

  • Subjective Head Noise (Tinnitus) Assessment
    The subjective head noise (tinnitus) assessment utilizes pitch matching to help you better define your tinnitus, and is useful when counseling about tinnitus. Learn more about tinnitus.

  • Otoacoustic Emission Testing
    Otoacoustic emission testing is the objective measure of peripheral hearing used in tinnitus assessments and difficult to test individuals.

  • Auditory Brainstem Response Testing
    Auditory brainstem response testing is the objective time measurement of the hearing nerve used to determine the presence or absence of acoustic/vestibular tumors, neural synchrony.

  • Balance Testing (Electronystagmography)
    Balance testing assesses your balance function and helps localize where the problem is in the inner ear or higher central pathways.

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