About Port Huron ENT

Dr. Obermyer, Nurse Practitioner Maggie Kuczynski, and Audiologist Michelle L. Borders are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for your ears, nose, and throat. With a wide range of specialized medical treatments, our team ensures you receive the highest quality care.

We are excited to welcome new patients and continue serving the community with the same level of excellence. Following the retirement of Dr. Frank Brettschneider on July 1, 2024, Dr. Obermyer and Nurse Practitioner Maggie Kuczynski are committed to delivering the same exceptional ENT care for Dr. Brettschneider’s patients.

Meet Our Providers

Dr Neal Obermyer

Dr. Neal Obermyer, M.D.

Maggie Kuczynski ENT

Maggie Kuczynski, MSN, NP
Nurse Practitioner

Dr Michelle Borders Audiologist Hearing Loss

Michelle L. Borders, AuD